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From: Keith Alan Deutsch (
Date: 05 May 2000

Dear Bill,

I am not fond of the characters in Fourth Durango; reminds me of a bad Leonard
(can I say that on RARA-AVIS?)

Cold War swap is in a different mode entirely with more familiar characters. I give it a "fair" among Thomas' works. I do not remember the title of the novel, I think it has Pacific Rim in the title. (Or am I thinking of Chinaman's Chance?)--any way I think Thomas excells when his "teams" of semi-disreputable heroes out con the bad guys in complex and humorous plots. His writing is often as fine as good narration can be in this mix-up financial crime schemes, which is unusual in parody/complex comedy works. His earlier, more dour detective/spy stuff is well-written. But for me, his greatest talent lies in action humor complex satire.


William Denton wrote:

> On 4 May 2000, Bob Toomey wrote:
> : Better, actually. And I agree CHINAMAN'S CHANCE is his best book,
> : with one of the truly great opening lines, right up there with the
> : first paragraph of Chandler's "Red Wind."
> What do people make of THE FOURTH DURANGO? I picked it up after seeing
> people recommend Thomas on the list, but it didn't grab me and I didn't
> finish it. Then again, I was down with a cold at the time. I've since
> picked up THE COLD WAR SWAP, but haven't read it yet.

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