Re: RARA-AVIS: Ross Thomas

Date: 05 May 2000

Hi all,
    I suppose my favorite opening line in HB is Chandler's beginning to The Long Goodbye, "The first time I ever saw Terry Lenox, etc. etc. but Jack Trolley has a couple of fine openings as does Leonard.
    The reason (I think) some of us prefer Leonard to most others is that he speaks to us as accomplices. Probably, much of this comes from the conversational nature of his style and his use of dialogue, a bit from his
"observer," viewpoint, and the rest from his attitude about his characters, their situation and the world in general. If Leonard is your guy, even his weak stuff is told in a way that entertains, makes you smile, delivers some truth about the way we behave, and that lets us in on the joke, whatever it is.

                                    Jim Blue

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