Re: RARA-AVIS: Paen to MacDonald

Date: 29 Apr 2000

Hi James,

    I agree. Let's hear it for John D, and for Travis for that matter. I remember the excitement I felt when I stumbled across "One Fearful Yellow Eye," and discovered there were all of these other Travis Mc books waiting to be read.
    Trav's attitude toward women seems both silly and pompous today, and I'd pay a high price not to have to listen to him lecture about economics, but he could lead us on a hell of a chase, and he did combat with some marvelous villains. The psychopath in "A Tan and Sandy Silence" was a beaut.
    My experience with the Gold Medal series has been uneven. Hard to complain about "A Flash of Green" (even the movie was good) or "The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything," but others like "The Brass Cupcake" and "Where is Janice Gantry" left me cold. I'd enjoy building a new reading list from the favorites of Rara-avians, a sort of the best of John D., if anyone is so inclined.

                                    Jim Blue

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