RARA-AVIS: Gores - Interface

From: Mark Blumenthal ( blumenidiot@21stcentury.net)
Date: 18 Apr 2000

First I want to thank Mark for suggesting this book. I generally read all the Gore I find in used bookstores, but had never seen Interface. Since it was our book for the month I was forced to find and buy it online

. To me it seems Interface lies somewhere between Gores' DKA books and his novels of somewhat crazed men out for revenge like Dead Man and Wolf Time. I did not work out the identity of Docker until very close to the end. Thinking back that identity gives meaning to previous incidents and greater realization of Fargo's true personality

I have a couple of quibbles: Woudn't the record of Fargo's reporting of a stolen car and it's being driven by him conflict with his arranged alibi with Stayton? Also, no matter how bad a crash and subsequent explosion, shouldn't there be some portion of a person technicians could find? If there were none would that cause authorities to know or at least suspect there was nobody in the car? Mark

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