Re: RARA-AVIS: Hard-boiled music

Date: 18 Apr 2000

"Don't know of any album of that title, "L.A. Blues" is the final, very cacaphonous, track on their FUNHOUSE album. That Ellroy himself hates rock music does not matter, btw, as few would agree that this, uh, piece even qualifies as music at all. I'm not knocking it though -- I actually like it a lot, and that goes for Ellroy's novel too."

"LA Blues" is the white acid rock equivalent of bebop. Another form pshawed in it's time. Though, in truth, I would say "Down On the Street" and especially "Dirt" would be my idea of HB Stooges. "LA Blues," like "European Son" on the great VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO album is a particular expression of angst that now seems dated.

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