RARA-AVIS: This HB sports nonsense.

From: pabergin ( pabergin@gte.net)
Date: 05 Apr 2000

Bob Randisi opines:

<< Hard-boiled sport #1: Boxing
 Hard-boiled sport #2: Horse-racing
 That's all. >> But don't forget WWF. Stone Cold Steve Austin! Bob Randisi

ANY sport is HB (well, maybe not tennis). The preparation and the conditioning that go into staying in shape to be competitive would probably classify as torture, surely HB.

Anyway, the discussion seems to be headed into the "what are the most HB SPECTATOR sports," which strikes me as kind of silly. There's nothing HB about watching ANYTHING. It's passive. Voyeurism.

HB characters (PERIOD characters would be a more apt description) like watching boxing and racing. Or at least did when those activities were defining of a lifestyle or character type.

The sport, or ENTERTAINMENT, itself is not hardboiled, except by osmosis.
"Hey, that guy, there, watching looks pretty tough, so this must be . . ."

In fact, in the history of HB characters who have actually PLAYED a sport, it would be almost a coin toss between football and baseball, neither of which are currently in the R-A Top Ten.

But what the hell, I'll join the party:

Most hardboiled sport/entertainment - cock fighting (cf Charles Willeford and Nathanial West) Close second - dog fighting (because I've watched one, to my eternal regret, and know) PB

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