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Date: 03 Apr 2000

On 3 April 2000, Mark Sullivan wrote:

: As much as I love Westlake's HB stuff, I cannot even read the
: Dortmunders. The Dortmunder gang's cameo appearance aside, 32
: Cadillacs is absolutely hilarious (Parker makes a brief appearance in
: an early DKA book). I enjoyed it from start to finish and consider it
: one of my favorites of Gores' books.

I'll go back and pick it up, then. I'm not much of a Dortmunder fan either but if they're all in there crossing over I'll give it a shot. I'll look for the earlier DKA books, too. Gores' stuff isn't too hard to find used, I think. I want to read the Parker crossover, too.

: ps -- Bill, did you turn out to be a good person throughout Mean
: Streets or did there turn out to be a hidden secret life that got you
: killed?

No, I was a good kid, a regular guy. I hung around a lot with this gorgeous older woman who was a stone lush, but there was no hanky-panky. I was just a good kid in a bad place at the wrong time.


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