From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 03 Apr 2000

It's been forever since I read Interface, so I'll refrain from directly commenting until I get around to re-reading it. However, Bill asked for suggestions for other Gores books to read.

The early DKA File books, pre-Interface, are good solid genre pieces, with great details from a former PI. 32 Cadillacs is much later, with a lot of books (only a few of them DKA) in between. It is the only DKA book played for humor. I'm normally like you, Bill, humor usually doesn't do much for me in hardboiled unless it is very dark indeed. Hiassen is usually as light as I get and I haven't read him since the disappointing Striptease. As much as I love Westlake's HB stuff, I cannot even read the Dortmunders. The Dortmunder gang's cameo appearance aside, 32 Cadillacs is absolutely hilarious (Parker makes a brief appearance in an early DKA book). I enjoyed it from start to finish and consider it one of my favorites of Gores' books.

A lot of his one-shots like Menaced Assassin and Dead Man are also good, but I'd start with the DKA books. It is a very solid series.


ps -- Bill, did you turn out to be a good person throughout Mean Streets or did there turn out to be a hidden secret life that got you killed?

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