RARA-AVIS: Lynds/Collins/Crowe/Sadler/Arden

From: Jiro Kimura ( jkimura@nsknet.or.jp)
Date: 30 Mar 2000

Mark Sadler's Paul Shaw is a New York private eye, married to a famous actress. This series has 6 novels so far.

John Crowe's Buena Costa Couty series features a different main character in each novel, but an investigator at the county attorney always appears as a secondary character. This series has 6 novels so far.

William Arden's Kane Jackson is a Santa Barbara private eye, but he is, in fact, an industrial spy who almost always get involved in murder cases. This series has 5 novels so far.

Dennis Lynds ghostwrote 8 Shadow novels under "Maxwell Grant." They are: The Shadow Strikes (Belmont, 1964) Shadow Beware (Belmont, 1965) Cry Shadow (Belmont, 1965) The Shadow's Revenge (Belmont, 1965) Mark of the Shadow (Belmont, 1966) Shadow -- Go Mad (Belmont, 1966) The Night of the Shadow (Belmont, 1966) The Shadow -- Destination: Moon (Belmont, 1967)

I heard from his wife Gayle Lynds that he is now writing a "scientific" mystery novel.

Jiro Kimura
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