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From: Timothy S. Oliver (
Date: 06 Mar 2000

> >1) In Pelecanos' 'The Sweet Forever' he refers to 'a Lincoln with suicide
> >doors.' What are 'suicide doors'?
> Suicide doors are front seat doors with the position of the catch and
> reversed from what has come to be the norm, i.e. with the trailing edge of
> the door hinged, so that the door opens "backwards." The design showed up
> a few cars in the '30s, but proved unpopular. Lincoln used the design only
> for a year or two, on the Mark I or II, I think. I've no idea of the
> of the term, which I first heard from my hot rodder brother in the 50s.
> PB

My neighbors had a 1960 Lincoln Continental. The rear doors were suicide doors. When both side doors were open it created a very large opening. I always figured it meant that if someone came from behind and hit the rear door as you were exiting, it would crush you rather than just tearing off the door.

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