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From: cooper (
Date: 25 Feb 2000

My favourite ball kickin' girlie is probably Lauren Henderson's Sam Jones. She's an artist, but is more the welder in dockers than the delicate watercolourist. So she's definitely an amateur, but leading in another recent thread, seems to be often in the wrong place, leading to many merry japes(perhaps that's the coincidence thing; pros are involved in crime as it's their job and amateurs are just in the wrong place at the wrong time) And as for pregnant tecs, how about Francis McDiarmid's character in Fargo, pretty pregnant I think.
 I rate Dave Brandstetter too, very readable,a sensitive guy that does his job without grandstanding, a character that ages realistically and a series that finishes at just the right time. Another gay - well bi,PI(though not in the same league as Brandsetter) is Duffy, from Dan Kavanagh(the alternative nom-de-plume of Julian Barnes ) funny, but nicely gritty, he's a bit like Mark Timlin's Nick Sharman, but he has a sense of humour, is a touch neurotic and as much as wants to have a grown up relationship with his girlfriend can't stop chasing blokes(real blokes-not caricature) and plays football, badly, but still manages to get in a few rucks(though he doesn't have the amazing ability of Sharman to come back from the brink of death at least once a book) Haven't read them for a bit(very 80's) but he was definitely not the testorone fuelled hard man and worth searching out 2nd hand(out of print) for those rainy days when you want something a bit entertaining and not too mind stretching. Jane

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