RARA-AVIS: Re: PI sexuality

From: Mark Troy ( metroy@tamu.edu)
Date: 25 Feb 2000

Kevin Burton Smith wrote:
>remember correctly, Liza Cody's Anna Lee was a pretty tough little
>cookie, in a hard-bitten Brit sorta way, certainly not the soft,
>warm, gooey at the centre, friend to all living things creature too
>many female-written female eyes try to be.

Cody's Eva Wylie makes Anna Lee seem soft by comparison. Eva is not a PI, though she is in security of sorts -- she's the night guard, along with two nasty dogs, of a junkyard. Her chosen profession is wrestling, but she's not a jiggling WWF bimbo. She's big and ugly. When she needs a vehicle, she steals it.

Another tough babe with a high-powered sex drive is Sherry, the protag in Vicki Hendricks's Miami Purity. I doubt she'll be back in another book, but maybe Hendricks can give us another tough character.

As for male writers, I'd like to see Lansdale do more with Brett Sawyer.


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