RARA-AVIS: La Requiem

From: David White ( dpwhite@eden.rutgers.edu)
Date: 17 Feb 2000

I just made my through it and let me say: What a great novel. Finally we get to see a break between Cole and Spenser becuase Cole realizes he can't fix everything. I felt that the switch on points of virew worked well... much better than those crummy Alex Cross novels. Elvis finally isn't perfectand I only hope Crais keeps it that way. I don't want to see him go back to being the best man ever in the next installment. I guess you could call this Crais's THE GALTON CASE as he finally breaks free from Parker's shadow. Could be a great series from here on in. Does anyone have any thoughts? Or any ideas whether the Elvis Cole novels will continue switching POVs? I know the next one isn't out for a year.... but...


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