RARA-AVIS: Ben Benson

From: McHale, Steve ( SMcHale@filenet.com)
Date: 17 Feb 2000

> STAMPED FOR MURDER -- Ben Benson. "She thought any cop
> had a price -- even Wade Paris." This was published by
> Pennant Books, a paperback line I've never heard of.
        I have not read this specific Benson, but I have read most. He's great and his books aren't expensive when you find them. The bulk of his series feature one of two protagonists: Wade Paris, a dapper and intelligent police lieutenant and Ralph Lindsey, a young, promising state trooper. The Paris series is a little more hard boiled. The Lindsey series blends hard boiled with a some coming-of-age: he's all of 20 years old, engaged to the girl next door, something of an innocent and knows it. The Lindsey series is told in first person, the Paris series is 3rd person.

        Both series are set in New England.

        As I recall, Benson started writing when recovering from W.W.II wounds. He died in 1959 while attending a mystery writers' convention in NYC.

        One book of his to avoid is the Silver Cobweb. I believe it was published posthumously - maybe somebody was trying to make a quick buck on something that should've stayed unpublished.

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