RARA-AVIS: Did King Suckerman Ring True?

From: John Woolley ( jwoolley@dna420.mcit.com)
Date: 02 Feb 2000

Diane Trap writes:
> Anyone out there with a better memory of the 70s than I: did
> King Suckerman ring true?

Well, I liked it a lot. But there were a few details wrong, and in a work whose method is to pile up a million details, that can be a serious flaw.

For instance, there are at least two bits of late 80s (or 90s) language used in ways they weren't used in 1976. One character,
(the sleazo Mafia guy, what's his name?) says, "So I'm like" for "I said"; in the 70s, you would have heard "I go", but not "I'm like". And in another place the narrator remarks that a character was "totally not into" a particular band, a construction that is like so not 70s.

-- Fr. John Woolley

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