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From: Doug Bassett (
Date: 02 Feb 2000

I haven't read KING SUCKERMAN yet, but I am reading Fred Zackel's COCAINE AND BLUE EYES, which was published in the Seventies -- 1978, to be exact. There's a lot of period detail here (aging hippies, casual acceptance of drugs, etc.), but with the exception of a couple mentions of Olympia beer and Penthouse magazine, no real brand names come up.

Which is neither here nor there, I guess, except maybe it points out that it's a lot harder to evoke an historical time than it is to write within one. So I wouldn't knock Pelecanos too hard on this point.

By the way, I'm really enjoying Zackel's book. Has anyone else read it? Anyone know anything else about Zackel? Did he write anything else?


--- Diane Trap <> wrote:

> And then there's King Suckerman, where the product
> placement is
> intended to evoke the glamorous seventies--as I was
> reading the
> first few chapters I checked the copyright date on
> the book to
> see if it really was a period piece, but as I kept
> reading the
> 70's details seemed more forced than natural (and I
> found it
> a little hard to believe that with all the
> characters so involved
> with music no one had to wince at the KA-CHUNK! when
> the 8-track
> changed tracks in the middle of a song).

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