RE: RARA-AVIS: Re: Thrillingly-Defective Detectives

Date: 01 Feb 2000

Kevin writes:

> If we're going to get into this, here's a list I compiled a while
> back of "defective detectives," both past and present, cribbed from
> my site.

> BEN BRYN by Russell Gray (polio victim, unable to walk)

In the interest of PI correctness, let me fill in the facts of Bryn: he IS able to walk. Russell Gray's (B. Fischer's) standard paragraph on him goes as follows:

              For twenty years of his life those legs had been useless
              appendages as the result of infantile paralysis. His youth
              had consisted of pushing himself about on a wheeled platform
              and selling newspapers and shoelaces. That had placed strength
              in his shoulders and hands and iron in his soul; and when a
              series of exercises he had evolved had eventually developed
              his legs to normal, that sterngth and that iron had made him
              the most feared crimnal investigator in the state.("Prey for the
              Creeping Death")

(I wonder if there was a Charles Atlas ad near these stories?)

So Ben Bryn becomes a hunk, his only defect being a shortened height (5'2") that makes him self-conscious around taller, glamorous women. What I DO notice in the Bryn stories, however, is the tendency of the murderers to make their victims horribly defective or maimed--by being ripped apart or slowly burned by acid.

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