RARA-AVIS: Re: Thrillingly-Defective Detectives

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@colba.net)
Date: 01 Feb 2000

If we're going to get into this, here's a list I compiled a while back of "defective detectives," both past and present, cribbed from my site.

JOE BINNEY by Jack Livingston (deaf) BEN BRYN by Russell Gray (polio victim, unable to walk) LIONEL ESSROG by Jonathan Lethem (Tourette's Syndrome) GINNY FISTOULARI by Reed Stephens (missing hand) DAN FORTUNE by Michael Collins (missing an arm) JOE GEE by Wyatt Blassingame (insomnia) DAN GREEN by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty (Ms. Tree's young op is missing a hand) SID HALLEy by Dick Francis (missing a hand) DAN HOLDEN by Leon Bryne (deaf) JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH JANTARRO by Simon Ritchie (missing an arm) CALVIN KANE by Russell Gray (the "Crab Detective," unable to walk due to his deformed body) SLOT MACHINE KELLY by Dennis Lynds (missing an arm) MIKE LONGSTREET (blind) CAPTAIN DUNCAN MACLAIN by Baynard Kendrick (blind) MONGO by George C. Chesbro (dwarf) MANVILLE MOON by Richard Deming (missing a leg) LIN MELCHAN by Warren Lucas (overly-heightened sense of hearing) NAT PERRY by Edith and Ejler Jacobson (hemophiliac) PETER QUEST by John Kobler (glaucoma, resulting in periodic blindness) MARK SABER (missing an arm) HAROLD SCHILLMAN by Eric Bercovici (failed suicide) SEEKAY by Paul Ernst (no face!) STEVE SILK by James Brendan O'Sullivan (missing a lung) NICHOLAS STREET by Nat Schachner (amnesia) SAMUEL CLEMENS TUCKER by Jerry Allen (missing a foot and a testicle) ZEN MOSES by Elizabeth Cosin (missing a lung, due to cancer)

The list is at http://www.colba.net/~kvnsmith/thrillingdetective/trivia/triv107.html, along with the relative links to the individual eyes, and yeah, I know it's not complete. Feel free to contact me privately with more suggestions.

And sorry for the length. Would people just prefer I include the URL next time? Kevin Burton Smith The Thrilling Detective Web Site http://www.colba.net/~kvnsmith/thrillingdetective/ This month: New fiction by Don McGregor and Mark Coggins, plus the Thrillies!

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