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From: Frederick Zackel ( fzackel@wcnet.org)
Date: 29 Jan 2000

Sadness at the end of the Ross Macdonalds? I prefer the word "bittersweet." The detective may have won this round, but the prices that were paid by the innocent were steep, and the the only way to win the game is to quit.

A good working description of "Pop Culture" (i.e, pop fiction) could be
"traditional middle class values on triall in a carnival atmosphere." Consider anything in the supermarket tabloids, the OJ trial, the Au Pair trail in New England, and the six year old kid in Miami right now. That's what the best sellers are all about.

My review of "Motherless Brooklyn" is available at

Hope? Hope is a seductress, a temptress. You keep thinking, "This time. This time." She oughta be shot.

Best wishes

Frederick Zackel

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