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From: cooper (
Date: 24 Jan 2000

From: Paul Hartshorne <
> Aside on CrimeTime magazine: When it was magazine size I bought every
> (apart from #2 which I missed), but since going to the current format I've
> only picked up one (which had a great Fred Willard short). I think maybe
> the format that puts me off, thinking that I could buy another paperback
> rather than a paperback-format magazine...
> Hey I thought it was just us. i know there were commercial reasons for
the switch, but apart from never being able to find the damn thing in the few places that stock it, I just don't find the PB format as pickupable as the magazine version.It kept me going through a fortnight camping in France along with THE CRUST ON ITS UPPERS - DEREK RAYMOND (I know I can subscribe, I tried - long story.) The site's pretty good though> Jane
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