RARA-AVIS: Re: RARA-AVIS; Whassis like then? and "I Hate That Book"

From: cooper ( jane@almaludo.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: 24 Jan 2000

Hiho everyone, Went shopping yesterday, didn't buy anything(shock), but had my husband picking up loads of books in the crime section of Waterstones going "Hey whassis one supposed to be like?" A couple of them, Motherless Brooklyn, I could say Yep, supposed to be excellent, but in the end I was just going
"How the **** should I know" (There were children present). So guys can you tell me what these are like? I can't remember them being discussed, or if they were must be the old short term memory thingy. RAYMOND CHANDLER OMNIBUS- VARIOUS GOD IS A BULLET - BOSTON TERAN STITCH - JOHN B SPENCER

WHASSIS LIKE: TWO Have seen the video of BROWN'S REQUIEM in my local, any good folks? Speaking of vids, watched DIVORCING JACK, the book of which we discussed many moons ago, it was pretty good, black comedy most definitely,good characters, but even to someone in the next country, the North of Ireland could be in a different galaxy. Which leads me on to one of my Christmas books, THE DOPE PRIEST, BY NICHOLAS BLINCOE. Maybe not 100% HB, not as much as his others, maybe more of a comedy/ thriller, but the politics of modern day Israel/West Bank/Palestine etc make for some byzantine plot twists (I think that's a bit of mixed metaphor) and it's pretty OK (I like his Manchester books better)

I HATE THAT BOOK; I also thought of a Q which kinda leads on from the "blown away" thread. What books/authors do members of the list really, really dislike, maybe in the face of popular or critical opinion. Or is there someone whose work you read and hated at first, but then had a change mind over. Perhaps even the other way around, did you totally love someone's work and one day realise that they made your teeth itch? Or even someone who you can't read past the first paragraph. I guess I should start, guess who I'm going to slag, yep Vicki Hendricks IGUANA LOVE ibid lots of times. Over to you guys.(Of course we will remember not be too nasty) Speaking of which, can I just say Scott Turow! Don't worry Pat, you've come to the right place, we can cure you of this worrying affliction. Jane Inthefirst@onelist.com

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