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Date: 18 Jan 2000

Manuel -- I don't really know what kinds of limits you're putting on your piece, but when I think of noir/hardboiled culture and border tensions, the great film TOUCH OF EVIL immediately comes to mind. The portrayal of Chicanos is curious, to say the least -- and casting Heston as a Mexicano narc goes beyond curious to the bizarre. I haven't read the Whit Masterson novel, BADGE OF EVIL, upon which Welles and Paul Monash based the screenplay. Surely someone on the list has read it -- how about it, Bill Crider? Does it have the same border elements?

Kip on 01/17/2000 09:27:23 PM

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I'm working on an article about Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in crime fiction and have turned up the names of some authors that I am sure many of you have read.

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