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From: Mrriter@aol.com
Date: 17 Jan 2000

(Trying this again since apparently the first time it didn't work) I'm working on an article about Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in crime fiction and have turned up the names of some authors that I am sure many of you have read. For example, several weeks (months?) ago, someone on this list mentioned that William Campbell Gault had written a story that involved two Mexicanos. Of course, now that I need such information I've forgotten the name and I would appreciate a clue about a place to look for the story. In THE ETHNIC DETECTIVES (Pronzini and Greenberg, 1985), mention is made of a series of stories that featured Sergeant Vincente Lopez by Robert Somerlott
(one of his stories is in the collection) that appeared in EQMM and D.L. Champion's Meriano Mercado series in Dime Detective from the 1940s. Any ideas where I can find any of these? Do any of you know of other such stories? Manuel Ramos

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