Re: RARA-AVIS: Questions About Max Thursday

Date: 11 Jan 2000

The first novel in the series was *Guilty Bystander* in which Thursday, a drunken bum eaking out a living as a security officer in a fleabag hotel, sobers up overnight when his ex-wife informs him that their son has been kidnapped. Mickey Spillane would use this same
"sobers-up-to-save-a-loved-one" theme in his Mike Hammer comeback novel,
*The Girl Hunters*.

*Guilty Bystander* became a surprisingly good movie, considering that it has a budget of about twenty-five cents, with Zachary Scott as Thursday. The setting was changed to NYC from San Diego.

Bob Wade, the surviving half of "Wade Miller" once told me that he and his partner used to write for radio shows like *Johnny Dollar*. He didn't come right out and say that they contributed scripts to any of Jack Webb's pre-*Dragnet* PI shows like *Pat Novak*, *Johnny Modero*, or *Jeff Regan*, but he did hint that Webb might have gotten the idea for naming his famous cop character Joe Friday from Wade Miller's name for their PI character.


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