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Thu, 30 Dec 1999 19:18:26 -0000

OK, I agree lets take the big 3 as given to save repetition. 1. James Ellroy, he was the one who really converted me to HB, I simply had never read anything like him, and despite his all too human flaws, I would still walk over hot coals to read anything he could write that would match that first thrill. 2. Derek Raymond, his work is so unrelentingly dark and sorrowful as well as hard as nails.(again to agree with Mark, I know he's been slagged off here before, I don't care it's my list and his work affected me)
 3. Walter Mosley, for writing a series that so far doesn't show signs of staleness. 4. Joe Lansdale, because all of his work that I have read has walked the thin line between humour and serious writing, and for creating Hap and Leonard, just two of the best characters in fiction. 5.George Pelecanos, simply the best contemporary writer around(and this transcends genre)

Like I said, it's all personal, if it isn't your list or you disagree with anything, c'est la vie, I'm glad that we all think different, otherwise it would be a dull old list. Jane

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