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Mark Sullivan (
Sun, 26 Dec 1999 12:21:32 -0500 (EST)

Mario wrote:

Please indulge me by not throwing tomatoes: for quite a long time most new films I've seen have seemed like fast comfort food for TV addicts. Unbearably loud, too. I'm glad I don't review any more: it would be torture.

Although I am certainly addicted to the fast-paced movies that would fall in your category of Fast Food For TV Addicts (Wild Things, Face-Off and Hong Kong movies in general, etc.), I agree with you that films with slow builds have been left by the wayside and are alien to most contemporary viewers.

My family traditionally watches a movie together on Christmas. Yesterday, we watched Spanish Prisoner. Several people (including my mother who loves "southern paced" movies like Cookie's Fortune, Ulee's Gold, Eve's Bayou, Slingblade, etc.) complained that it was slow, didn't seem to be going anywhere. Now it's not a perfect movie, but pacing is not a problem in Spanish Prisoner. I think its pace is one of the best things about it, as the con slowly unfolds.

Somehow, I doubt I'll ever get them to watch a Tarkovsky, or even a Kurosawa.


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