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>During one of my Internet voyages, I read that Fredric Brown used Poul
>Anderson as a psuedonym. Can someone smarter than I am confirm or deny?

Given the antic tone of Brown's fiction this may've started as some kind of a joke on his (or even Anderson's, though this seems less likely) part.

My friend, Cheryl, went to the same audiologist as Anderson for a while. She could tell because the doc had a big ol shelf of Anderson's SF books proudly displayed in his office.

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"Who is safe in home with TEENAGE WEREWOLF abroad, with streets under sway of BEAST WITH A THOUSAND EYES? People think these things are jokes, but they are wrong, it is dangerous to ignore a vision, consider Bane-Hipkiss, he has begun to bark."

-Donald Barthelme, "Hiding Man"

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