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Sat, 11 Dec 1999 02:10:05 -0800 (PST)

Poul Anderson is one of the reputed American SF authors, with works like 'The Guardians of Time' (Time Patrol), 'Harvest of Stars'... And many more, all along the list of his prolific production. He's still alive.

Frederic Brown wrote a lot for SF and was one of the greats in that field, mostly for black humor orientated short stories.

I do not see why he would use the name or Poul Anderson as a pseudonym. Maybe he used that name in one of his stories for a character? But I do not recall it, as my reading of his SF short stories hapened many years ago.

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--- wrote:
> Delurking to ask a quick question . . .
> During one of my Internet voyages, I read that
> Fredric Brown used Poul
> Anderson as a psuedonym. Can someone smarter than I
> am confirm or deny?
> K. T. Braffet
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