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> Fleming is a terrible writer,
    Aw, I dunno. I actually thought that the first book, before Bond became a parody of himself, was pretty good. The card game was quite suspenseful(in general, I felt the games in the books were the best parts) and the reader had the sense that Bond was essentially just a hitman.
    Obviously, as the series spun on the books got sillier and sillier. Finally anti-Bond novels by LeCarre and others started being produced. But even at their worst I thought that the Fleming things were as good or better than, say, Mickey Spillane. In fact, I would suggest that in certain ways, both good and bad, Fleming's writing bears a resemblance to Spillane's.
    I expect that this genre has been declared prematurely dead. As our national paranoia level against China rachets up, I think spy books will make a comeback. True, it won't be the same without Checkpoint Charlie and all the other cold war apparatus, but I reckon there's a dance in the old dame yet.



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