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Anita Hoffman writes:
> I know ESG created some three dozen characters when he wrote for the pulps.
> So far I have been able to identify his first, Bob Larkin, the amateur
> juggler who used a billiard cue as a weapon; Speed Dash, aka The Human Fly;
> Black Barr; Lester Leith; Paul Pry; Ed Jenkins; Fish Mouth McGinnis and
> probably my favorite, Ed Migrane, the Headache.

Well, yes. In alphabetical order, we have Sheriff Billy Bales
(Clues), Jerry Bane (Argosy), Dave Barker, Dred Bart, Dudley Bell (All Detective), Dick Bentley (Dime Detective), Jax Bowman (Argosy), Major Brane (Argosy), Perry Burke (Clues), Ken Corning (Black Mask), Bob Crowder (All Detective), Double Decker (Detective Story), Go Get 'Em Garver (Dime Detective), Rex Kane (Detective Action Stories), Jax Keen (Double Detective), Barney Killigen (Clues), Win Layton (This Week), Sen~or Lobo (Detective Fiction Weekly), The Man in the Silver Mask (Detective Fiction Weekly), The Man Who Couldn't Forget, Mr. Manse (Detective Action Stories), Sam Moraine (written under the pseudonym of Charles Kenny), Old Walrus (West and some other cowboy pulps), The Patent Leather Kid (mostly Detective Fiction Weekly), El Paisano (Argosy), Steve Raney (Clues), Buck Riley, Dane Skarle (Dime Detective), "Small, Weston, and Burke"
(Dime Detective), Pete Wennick (Black Mask), Yee Dooey Wah, and Sidney Zoom (Detective Fiction Weekly).

There are a few others for magazines like Country Gentleman, Cosmopolitan, and The Saturday Evening Post -- not pulps, but pulpish stories --, and lots of "one-offs", non-series characters.

I have a (complete?) bibliography of Gardner's fiction -- more stuff than you can well imagine. I was planning to send it along to Bill for the website one of these days, but I'll forward it to you sometime this week.

-- Fr. John Woolley

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