RARA-AVIS: Summer Reading

Peter Walker (pw@pw.cablenet.co.uk)
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 22:39:33 +0000

I yawned through Law Blocks Scudder - Even The Wicked - whilst sunning myself pool-side and for once was a tad disappointed with him. Its 100 pages too long, too obvious by half and a bit pointless to boot but the worst crime is he rehashes an earlier plot - isn't there an early Scudder where random murders turn out to be a Life Insurance scam? I think I'm right but in any event the next one better had be as good as 'they' say (well Kev Smith anyway and thats good enough for me). Has anyone else read it and found it boring and a tad over long? Next up was Falling Angel by the man with the un-spellable surmane which - despite the preposperous plot - I really enjoyed it. Good clean fun. Last - and by no means least - was Edward Bunker's "Memoirs of a Renegrade". From the author of four HB classics - stranglely not yet discussed on this list - this is incredible. Growing up into crime - youngest prisoner in San Qentin - knowing the likes of tennesse willaims and aldous huxley - being incarcerated in the meanest prisons and so on - not to mention one or two films to boot - hard to put down. Coming out soon from No Exit. Finally, an oddity - a Mark Timlin Si - Fi book called Behold A Pale Horse. Mmmmm. Peter PS The long hot summer here (In the UK) was made slightly more bearable by the screning of The Sapranos -totally incredible TV.

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