RARA-AVIS: Lee Cholds schlock?

Louise Guardino (louiseg@earthlink.net)
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 19:17:12 -0400

Maybe I like schlock then because I liked Lee Child's first book. (have not read the 2nd yet -- though I have heard it was less than the first. The 3rd is supposed to be better.)
  I found the character refreshing in his reluctant macho response. And shall I say efficient? Certainly, the description, after-the-fact, of the violence was hard to take (for me) and perhaps intentionally shocking. however, it believable, given the stakes. ($$$$)
  here's a guy who doesn't want to get involved -- in anything, really. And is drawn into not only a life threatening, and shall I say noir? situation; and copes.
  And if it is schlock, I found it entertaining schlock.

-- Louise

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