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there's no jail in poughkeepsie proper-- just the ibm national headquarters, 2 malls, and vassar college. 30-45 minutes away (i can't remember in what direction, maybe south), though, there is a prison. i don't know what level of security it is, or ever what town it's in. i'm pretty sure it's out of dutchess county (where poughkeepsie is), though...

who knew this knowledge would ever be useful to anyone? (:

and it's a darn tough one to spell. probably took me to the end of my first semester there to figure it out.

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> Some are so colorful you have to laugh, like in the French Connection when
> Gene Hackman asked some criminal, "Have you picked your toes in Pokipsee?"
> (Sorry for the spelling) I mean, I about fell over laughing, yet right
> knew he was asking if the man had done time. By the way, is there a jail
> Pokipsee?

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