RARA-AVIS: Re: Robert Parker reviews the new Hammett collection

Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@colba.net)
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 09:26:42 -0400

William Denton wrote:

>This must have been syndicated, so it's probably showing up in many
>newspapers, but one place it can be found is in Toronto's Globe and Mail:
> http://www.globeandmail.ca/gam/FocusBookReviews/19990904/BKDASH.html

The funniest line was:

"(Hammett) had a talent for short fiction. I don't."

Evidently, and with all due respect, Mr. Parker has never done a page count on some of his own books, many of which would make a Fawcett Gold Medal paperback from the fifties look bloated and padded, in comparison. In fact, it's part of Parker's appeal for me, that he gets in, tells a story, and gets out.

Neat illustration, too.

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