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K. Harper (kharper@bgnet.bgsu.edu)
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 11:54:29 -0400

Jim Beaver wrote:

>I'm looking for a book called "The Mouthpiece" by one Frank J. Collins.
>only thing I've been able to turn up is a book of the same title by Edgar
>Wallace. Could Frank Collins have been a pseudonym for Wallace? The
>Wallace book was published at roughly the right time for it to be the one
>I'm seeking, which was the basis of the 1940 film "The Man Who Talked Too

Jim, are you sure about that source credit? _The Warner Brothers Story_
(generally a reliable reference) says that _The Man Who Talked Too Much_ was based on an original screenplay written by Tom Reed and Walter DeLeon.

Edgar Wallace's _The Mouthpiece_ started life as a stage play ca. 1930, and was first novelized in 1936. I've done a bit of searching and haven't found any evidence that he ever published under the name Frank J. Collins.
(If he did, someone else on RARA-AVIS--or, that failing, the rec.arts.mystery newsgroup--is sure to know.)

Kathy Harper

Katherine Harper Department of English Bowling Green State University kharper@bgnet.bgsu.edu Visit the W.R. Burnett Page at http://ernie.bgsu.edu/~kharper/

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