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Like most Rara-Avians, I've just been doodling around during the quite good for a change English summer, so i've just had to do a marathon trawl though all my unopened post, so excuse me if I address some of the subjects brought up in no particular order and talk about a few things I've read too. 1 Get Carter the remake,I think the words are pointless, why, and trying revive a flagging career. 2 Cracker, why was the US series so, shall we say different than the UK. Well probably the US networks' emasculation of Fitz, when it was his, perhaps cliched, hard drinking, smoking, gambling persona that was essential to the sucess of the series, as well as the excellent writing by Jimmie Mac Govern -a HB script writer if ever there was. 3Cross over HB. OK, not SF, all the ones I thought about were covered*, but horror HB specifically Jay Russell, I think he may have been covered before I joined,if so sozz. I have a secret soft spot for horror, it's a bit like comfort food when it's cold outside, but I rarely indulge as my other tends to snigger disparagingly. So I was happy when he picked up Burning Bright. Thought it was an amusing way to pass an afternoon, full marks to his well drawn Britain.I might not buy him new, but I'd pick others of his up 2nd hand. I'd be interested to hear of any other horrible HB.
*Thought of one,* Quake City * by John B Spencer. Typically down at heel PI set in of course a futuristic LA. 4Wot i red in the summr by Jane We had our usual pilgramage to real bookshops and I'm rationing myself, but so far, amongst others, I read *The Scapegoat* by Daniel Pennec- another in the Belleville Quartet, the first actually, so Ive read them all out of order. Typically excellent.
*1974* by David Pearce, a very tangled, grim, grim, grim British HB. Pretty good but left a major query in the plot. If any one else has read it, lets talk. One of those books you were glad to escape from.
*A Firing Offence* can I join the Pelecanos fan club? Started *Iguana Love*by Vicki Henderson, abandoned it, probably go back when I'm in the mood. Really pleased to hear about the new Joe R Lansdale, that solves the problem of what my mum can get me for that landmark birthday, mind you as I'm over here it may have to be for Christmas. That's all, back on track now, so the next ones should be shorter and sweeter. Ain't no cure for the summertime blues.


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