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Jeff Lander writes:
<<Only ones I don't know the date or source of original publication are "Pearls are a Nuisance," "Trouble is My Business," and "The Pencil." Anyone help out there?>>

"Pearls Are A Nuisance" first appeared in Dime Detective, April, 1939. Its first appearance in a collection was in 1945's Five Sinister Characters.

"Trouble Is My Business" first appeared in Dime Detective, August, 1939. Its first collection appearance was also in Five Sinister Characters in 1945.

"The Pencil" is harder. It first appeared, as "Marlowe Takes on The Syndicate," in five issues of The London Daily Mail running from 4/6/59 to 4/10/59. Its first appearance as "The Pencil" was its inclusion in the collection The Smell of Fear (1965), which was followed three months later by its first magazine appearance (using that title) in the 9/65 issue of Argosy. The story has also appeared as "Philip Marlowe's Last Case" (Ellery Queen MM, 1/62) and "Wrong Pigeon" (Manhunt, 2/69).


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