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Jeff Lander (jeffl@darwin3d.com)
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 11:49:39 -0700

Only ones I don't know the date or source of original publication are "Pearls are a Nuisance," "Trouble is My Business," and "The Pencil."

Anyone help out there?

---------------------- Novels

1. The Big Sleep 1939 2. Farewell My Lovely 1940 3. The High Window 1942 4. The Lady in the Lake 1943 5. The Little Sister 1949 6. The Long Goodbye 1953 7. Playback 1958

Short Stories Original Source and Date of publication in parenthesis Numbers indicate they were used as part of one of the novels Also shows if they were used in a collection

Blackmailers Don't Shoot (B:Dec 1933) BMB Smart-Aleck Kill (B:Jul 1934) S Finger Man (B:Oct 1934) S Killer in the Rain (B:Jan 1935) 1-K Nevada Gas (B:Jun 1935) S Spanish Blood (B:Nov 1935) S Gun's at Cyrano's (B:Jan 1936) S The Man Who Liked Dogs (B:Mar 1936) 2-K-H Pickup on Noon Street (DF:May 1936) S Goldfish (B:Jun 1936) S The Curtain (B:Sep 1936) 1-K Try the Girl (B:Jan 1937) 2-K Mandarin's Jade (D:Nov 1937) 2-K Red Wind (D:Jan 1938) S The King in Yellow (D: Mar 1938) S Bay City Blues (D:Jun 1938) 4-K The Lady in the Lake (D:Jan 1939) 4-K I'll Be Waiting (P:1939) S-HB No Crime in the Mountains (DS:Sep 1941) 4-K

Unknown Date or Source of Original Publication Pearls are a Nuisance S Trouble is My Business S The Pencil PM

Original Publication B: Black Mask D: Dime Detective Magazine DS: Detective Story Magazine DF: Detective Fiction Weekly P: Saturday Evening Post

Collections S: Simple Art of Murder (1950)
         Also in combination of
         Simple Art of Murder (Vintage Crime Edition)
         Trouble is My Business (Vintage Crime Edition) K: Killer in the Rain (1964) H: Hard Boilded Omnibus 1946 BMB: The Black Mask Boys 1985 HB: Hard Boiled Anthology 1995 PM: Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlow: A Centenial Celebration 1988

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