RARA-AVIS: Any pulp experts in the audience?

Juri Nummelin (jurnum@utu.fi)
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 11:07:51 +0300 (EET DST)

(Of course there are!)

I'm doing a critical bibliography about the pulp fiction and the hardboiled crime published in Finland. I've been studying the most famous Finnish pulp magazine Seikkailujen Maailma (The World of Adventures), which printed many American pulp writers, including Chandler, Daly, Frederick Nebel and so on. But there are also lots of other writers whose names don't mean anything to me and I can't find any information about them. Can somebody help me with these guys? Any information will do. And if you feel this doesn't interest the average Rara-Avis-reader, you can mail privately to me (jurnum@utu.fi). (There are also some questions at the end of the list for the Swedish and German readers - pay attention!)

And here are the writers (the list is quite long, try to bear with it):

John Kobler Richard Dermony Jim Kjelgaard Erasmus Grave(s) R(obert?) Martin Robert Turner Charles Larson John Whiting John Lawrence G. Bogart (there seems to have been William G. Bogart - is this the same guy?) W(oosnam?) Mills J.O. Quinliven J.J. (des) Ormeaux Emile C. Tepperman George Bruce George Alden Edson H.M. Appel Edward S. Williams James Henderson Franklin H. Martin H. Miller G. Rosenberg Henry Herbert Knibbs Gordon MacGreagh William Chamberlain K(en?) Lewis D.L. Champion laurence Donovan

And more questions: whose hero is PI Joe Portugal (or Portugal Joe)?
(There were many stories printed in Seikkailujen Maailma without the writer's name.)

Did the famous horror and gothic writer and publisher Joseph Payne Brennan write hardboiled stuff in the early 50's as Joe Brennan?

And this is for the Swedes and Germans:

was there a pulp magazine published in Sweden or Germany in 1930's to 1950's called The World of Adventures which published mainly American writers? I don't know where the Finnish magazine got their stuff (I just can't believe they read Black Mask here in Finland) and this could be the explanation and the stories were translated from Swedish of Germany.

Thank you for your trouble and help, I'm very grateful for any information about these matters (and there still would be lots to come - beware!).

With regards, Juri Nummelin jurnum@utu.fi

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