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Bill Hagen (
Mon, 26 Jul 1999 00:04:29 -0500 (CDT)

I, for one, appreciate the report, Bill, although I'm a bit concerned that, in spite of the modesty so far expressed, SOME will see the number of posts as a challenge. Not me, of course, but...well,

Here's Mario saying his numbers are scary, thus upping his top score by one more in the post that says they're scary... and Mari saying she'll try to post less (thus upping her score too), and me thinking I haven't posted enough because here comes James Doughty closing in on my pathetic 200 posts....

I really should have broken this message into two parts or more--basic message and afterthoughts to get my numbers up. Maybe others will respond and we can get into heated, though not flaming,'s almost August, and R-A has a tradition of July-Aug. nonsense, ever since the one-day stand of Peter Lance, (discussed 7/29/97), right before or during or after Bill's hard drive crashed. [Whatever happened to PL...?]

I do go on. ...which reminds me that it would be interesting to "weight" the posts, make up a list based on # of lines posted. Then another list which would order by average # of lines per post. Then Kevin Smith and I could be higher....

Runaway fingers.

Bill Hagen

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