Re: RARA-AVIS: Donald Harstad
16 Jul 99 08:45:00 -0400

     Re Peter Walker's recent message:
     "Has anyone come across 'Eleven Days' - the Carl Houseman series. I
     think there is another one out - or will be out soon. It is pretty
     good. I just picked it up on spec and really enjoyed it."
     I enjoyed it too. In fact, I think I mentioned it on the list after
     reading it a few months ago. The second book, available on
     Amazon.Com, is called *Known Dead* and invloves Carl in a narcotics
     case. I nominated *Eleven Days* for Best First Novel in Boucercon's
     upcoming Anthony Awards.
     Harstad was a deputy sheriff in a rural county in Iowa, and, to the
     best of my knowledge, the Houseman books are the first series of
     rural-set police procedurals to be written by a professional cop who
     spent his career in a rural jurisdiction. - Jim Doherty

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