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Reed Andrus:

<<The series began its serious deterioration with Electric Mist.But I managed to struggle successfully with credibilty strain because there was that hint of rationality that Dave's visions _might_ have been induced by LSD rather than actual communication with his Confederate general. Burning Angel really put me over the top.>>

I think that at some point Burke had to decide whether to let Robicheaux self-destroy or to save him and allow him to live a normal life. Obviously, he chose the second option. As a consequence, there is a constant tension between his ostensibly "normal" life as a married man with an adopted daughter and the dark mess in his psyche. Lawrence Block came to a similar crossroads with his Scudder series, and made a similar choice.

By the way, I did enjoy _Cimarron Rose_ enormously. It's much leaner and tighter than, say, _Burning Angel_, a book that gave me trouble the first time around.



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