RE: RARA-AVIS: Sam as Trav

Jerry Buck (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 21:55:43 -0700

> So was Rod Taylor, for that matter, but you don't hear him getting beat up
> about it nearly as much as ol' Sam. Maybe it's because Taylor had Theodore
> Bickel as Meyer. Perfect casting offsetting awful casting or
> something like
> that. But that (about Bickel) is just my opinion. Unless we want to start
> playing the idiotic "let's cast this novel" game, maybe we ought to admit
> that the linearity of most movies precludes any character with reasonable
> depth being translated to the satisfaction of all. Maybe any.
> It works both ways, of course.
> Can you imagine a ROUTE 66 novel?
> PB

        Casting was not the big problem with THE EMPTY COPPER SEA. It's that when they finished screwing around neither Travis McGee nor John D. MacDonald was recognizable.

        Jerry Buck

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