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Fri, 18 Jun 1999 06:24:48 -0700

First, Sebastien Japrisot, now Daniel Pennac, pulls me out of the woodwork. I know of at least two of Pennac's books that have English translation because I have both of them in my store. Both are UK publications. One is The Fairy Gunmother (could that be La Fee Carabine?), available in paperback, and the other is The Scapegoat, available in hardback. I haven't had a chance to read either one, but one customer liked The Fairy Gunmother so much, he wanted me to find anything else I could by Pennac--ABE didn't have much then. By the way, I ordered my first copies of Gunmother from Gardners in England, but this spring I happened to discover that the UK editions of both books could be bought from Baker & Taylor, so I suspect Pennac books are starting to creep into the USA, but it may take a good detective to track them down.

Both books are set in Paris. Gunmother, as I recall, deals with how one or more vigilantes start taking revenge on the muggers who've been hitting on grandmothers. The Scapegoat takes place in the Arab quarter of Paris.

Sorry, but Pennac and Japrisot exhaust my current supply of English translations of French books. But I'll keep looking.

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