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<< >(Incidentally, HB writer Richard Sale was ghosting the Doc Savage
>The Mystic Mullah but Dent's comments on Sale's style made him quit, so Dent
>finished it himself.)

<< So, is it worth looking up for Sale's contribution? How close is it to his
own books? I don't particularly care for Doc Savage, but I DO enjoy Sale! >>

Sale didn't write The Mystic Mullah. Dent supplied the plot/characters, plus
an outline, to his ghost writers and then let them get on with it. However,
he exercised some quality control and rewrote where necessary. In Sale's
case, after Sale had a try, Dent wrote a 10-point letter explaining what he
wanted changing. Sale refused, so Dent wrote the novel. How much of it is
Sale's I don't know.

- noir paul

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