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Wed, 28 Apr 1999 13:49:25 -0500 some excellent
> > authors who I haven't seen on this thread:
> Don Von Elsner - He uses a professional bridge player and sleuth by
> accident. He illustrates the bridge hands in the novels and goes into fast
> paced commentary on the bridge plays.

Is Von Elsner still alive? A friend of mine who lived on Hilo for a while
played bridge with him in the early '70's'. I think Von Elsner's books
featuring Jake Winkman, bridge pro, were not particularly accurate in the
milieu as well as the bridge analyses.(I was a bridge pro)
As far as that goes, Fleming's Moonraker starts with a bridge hand that was
famous in whist. That got me to start reading the series.

To ensure there is some hard boiled content in this message, Pete Hautman's
Joe Crow, who debuted in The Drawing Dead, makes his living playing poker.
James Garner's tv series Maverick had a lot of episodes with poker as a key
element. Tevis' The Cincinnati Kid as well as the Steve McQueen/Edward G
Robinson movie were about a poker playing analog to the Hustler's Fast Eddie
Mark Bumenthal

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