McHale, Steve (SMcHale@filenet.com)
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 07:22:24 -0700 > I need at least three hands, for three short scenes, in which he
> would
> think he might win, a sequence of plays and raises, and the hands that
> beat
> him. These are brief scenes that are set among other and longer scenes.
> This
> takes place in the first-class sections of the liner Queen Mary in 1936.
> I can't help on your scenes, but you do remind me of some excellent
> authors who I haven't seen on this thread:
Don Von Elsner - He uses a professional bridge player and sleuth by
accident. He illustrates the bridge hands in the novels and goes into fast
paced commentary on the bridge plays.
David Anthony - He uses a professional gambler who also becomes a
sleuth due to circumstances that occur. His stories open with some card
William R. Cox - He uses a semi-retired gambler who dabbles in the
movie business. Would you believe that murder happens on the set? He
typically sizes up the other characters at the gambling table.

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