Re: RARA-AVIS: Cut glass (God Is a Bullet)

Ziggy Nix (
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 14:16:19 -0400 In defense of the metaphor of sand having the potential
to be cut glass, I think Teran picked quite an apt way
of describing blown sand. Sand is basically glass and if
anyone of the list has ever been on a beach when a hurricane
is getting close to hitting or in the desert during any windstorm
the sand can feel as if it is cutting your skin. Just my grain
of sand on the subject.


John Woolley wrote:

> The eighth paragraph begins:
> The blowing sand is like cut glass against their skin.
> Like so much else on these pages, this sounds all right until
> you think about it for a moment. But in what way is blowing
> sand like cut glass? If this means anything, it has to mean
> that the blowing sand against their skin feels like cut glass;
> but that's absurd. (Find some cut glass -- a decanter or
> something. Brush it or press it against your skin. Does that
> feel *anything* like blown sand? No.) My guess is that the
> writer began with a thought something like "The blowing sand
> cut their skin", considered that glass cuts skin, inverted the
> words into "cut glass", and voila`, a meaningless but wordy
> metaphor.

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