RARA-AVIS: God Is a Bullet

Andrew Stancek (acslib@execulink.com)
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 12:00:30 -0700 Just came across the following review in Library Journal:

"This novel is pretty standard thriller fare...This vicious circle is
embedded in a dark cult world of drugs, pornography and violence. Cyrus
is a Charles Manson-like guru with a band of drugged-out, bloodthirsty
followers who pursue the satanic Left-Hand Path. This gives Teran an
excuse to focus on graphic violence, depraved sex, and gross
obscenities, demonstrating his "toughness". But he often pushes a
metaphor too hard (describing Bob's truck as a "tin-sided garden of
agony cruising in second gear") and sounds ridiculous instead of
hard-bitten. At once silly and distasteful. Not recommended."
Librarians relying on LJ for their purchases are unlikely to buy after

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