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Jason M Boog (jboog@umich.edu)
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 17:48:15 -0400 (EDT) Hello, my name is Jason Boog, a lurker who enjoys rara-avis everyday but I
don't speak up much. I've got two things I've been thinking about (and
writing about, I'm an English major at U of M and I've been able to
incoporate private dicks into a few papers) lately, and I was wondering if
anybody would want to talk/debate about them.
1- hardboiled dreams - the kind private detectives have when they go to
sleep at key moments in a case, when they're drugged, knocked-out,
whatever. I want to read as many as I can - does anybody have some
favorites? Why do you like them? My favorite right now is in Ross
MacDonald's Drowning Pool - Archer has some great dreams.

2- hardboiled narrators - who writes the best narrators? Plots aside,
character's aside, what are your favorite first-person narrator's? So
much, sometimes I think everything, depends on the narrator.
I really like what Jim Thompson and Chandler did with their narrators, but
I'm sure you have many more ideas than I do.

Thanks for listening, and I hope somebody's interested. Thanks for the
great discussions here.

Jason Boog

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